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Emerald water, sand dunes, heavenly beaches and cloudless skies… You’ll want to stay forever

Tavernas and coffee shops in the centre of ElafonisosWelcome to one of the most beautiful Greek islands! In the southern Peloponnese, there is a place plucked from a dream: Elafonisos, an exotic island of just 19 sq. km, like one long sliver of paradise. Once here, you can  forget all about modern civilization.The only thing you’ll need is a sarong, a sun hat and sunscreen, because life here – day and night – happens on the beach; on the pure white sand, in  the translucent turquoise water, in the shade of the cedars and  under the clear blue sky and the bright sun. Your imagination dances delightedly along the  infinite horizon and like just about everyone that comes here for a beach holiday, you will want to stay forever… a castaway on Elafonisos.


What to do on Elafonisos