With coasts on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, countless inland rivers, and Lake Konstanz in the south, Germany is an excellent choice for a unique boating holiday.

A jewel in Western Europe

The country features a varied selection of lovely ancient towns through which to stroll and bustling cities with lots of nightclubs and even more history for an exciting break on land during your unforgettable sailing holiday. Nestled in Western Europe between France to the southwest, Poland to the east, Denmark and Scandinavia in the north, and many smaller countries in the west, south, and southeast, Germany offers a wide variety of sailing opportunities to those who visit. There are more than 800 boats available to charter in the country, and each kind can lend itself to a different adventure.

It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage – George William Curtis

Houseboat charter is getting famous

For a tour of inland Germany, hiring a houseboat in the northeastern state of Brandenburg offers unique sailing opportunities and countless beautiful landscapes. Brandenburg has more water than any other state in the country, which makes for many possibilities for a sailing holiday there. The many lakes in the region provide stunning landscapes and breathtaking sunsets, and are places to relax and enjoy the quiet that water inspires. However, Brandenburg’s close proximity to Germany’s capital city, Berlin, means you can combine a relaxing vacation with a visit to an exciting, bustling, history-packed city. You don’t even need to leave your boat behind to do it: you can sail from Brandenburg’s waterways to the Spree and through the center of the nation’s capital. Have a look here for a suggested boating itinerary around Brandenburg and Berlin.

Sailing in the Baltic Sea – A charter area for beginners and professionals alike

A motorboat charter from Buchholz by the Müritz in the Mecklenburg Lake District is a fantastic way to see the lovely lakes that litter the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region. Located at the very southern tip of the Müritz, Buchholz is a great starting point to steer your motorboat up to the main part of the lake with a stop on Rechlin’s lovely beaches. Alternatively, you could stay in the immediate vicinity and use the waterways connecting the smaller Müritzsee to Im Langen Ort, Nebel, and Langhagensee and enjoy the tranquility of these breathtaking lakes and their idyllic surroundings.
A sailing boat rental on the island of Fehmarn off the eastern coast of Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea is perhaps one of the best ways to see the beauty of the area and spend a summer holiday. An enchanting island and destination all by itself, Fehmarn also sets you up perfectly for a longer cruise along many countries’ coastlines. The shores of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Poland are all excellent destination possibilities when Fehmarn serves as the starting point.

Habours and marinas

Marinas and Anchorages With so many lakes, rivers, and seas to choose from, Germany also has plenty of marinas to serve sailors’ needs. With marinas in more than 170 towns and cities in the country, you won’t be left hanging. For a stop on the resort island Rügen, you can dock at Marina Wiek for a well-equipped facility: the marina features electricity on the docksides, showers and bathrooms, places to eat, shop and do laundry, internet connections, a playground, and more. Marina Bensersiel on the North Sea features some of the same amenities, plus the ability to fuel your boat if it requires diesel. At Marina Brandenburg in Havel you will also find laundry, restaurants, Internet, and electricity, as well as a yacht shop should you need any repairs, and a WC waste tank. All of these marinas, as well as many more, are in truly beautiful regions of Germany. Havel, located in Brandenburg just southwest of Berlin, is a lovely place to have some relaxation but also to enjoy the excitement and history with which Berlin is positively bursting.

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climate & Weather in Germany

Climate and Weather Due to its position in central Europe, the weather in Germany tends to vary from year to year. The dry air masses from the Continental side affect the country, as doe the maritime air masses coming from the Atlantic. The result tends to be a moderate climate with rain throughout the year, rather than one rainy season. The spring is usually the most unpredictable in Germany, as a beautiful, warm, sunny one can follow a rainy, cold, windy day. There is a saying that goes, “April, April, der macht, was er will!” which translates essentially as “April does what it wants”. May, however, tends to be beautiful and warmer, with less rain than in the month before. The summer months in Germany can get hot, but they also are the height of precipitation in the country. The temperatures are usually between about 22º and 30ºC (72º-86ºF), and humidity levels can be quite high, meaning afternoon thunderstorms are always a possibility. The Rhine and Moselle areas are particularly pleasant in the summer, and would be excellent regions to experience by chartered boat. The fall and winter in Germany go back to temperatures not as pleasant for outdoor activities. There are sometimes Indian Summers stretching into October, where people sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy a drink or meal, but in November the days become shorter again, paired with foggy, cold and wet weather. The winters can be mild or very cold, depending on the year, and feature varying amounts of snow, depending on the region. The best times for a sailing trip in Germany or along one of its coasts are late spring, summer, and early fall. Though precipitation is at its peak in the summer, it is less unpredictable than in early spring. The temperatures and calmer weather patterns in these seasons will make for a lovely sailing holiday in one of the finest destinations, which has a huge variety of cultural experiences to offer.