Picturesque square in Chorio villageKimolos is a beautiful little island of the Cyclades, located next to Milos. Although it sits next to one of the most popular Greek islands, Milos manages to keep its unspoiled charm. This island is a world unto itself! Famous for its amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture, Kimolos is shaping up to be one of the hottest alternative destinations in Greece.  

The center of activities in Kimolos is Chorio, the only village and capital of the island. Chorio is a quaint settlement that stretches around the island’s port. In Chorio, you’ll find the many Kimolos hotels, restaurants, shops, and tourist facilities. It’s hands down the best place to stay in Kimolos!        

Old windmillAgios Georgios beach                       

 As for Kimolos beaches, there is a beautiful beach close to the port, but you can find many enticing beaches around the island that can be reached either on foot or by boat. One thing is for sure: there’s luscious swimming to be had at Kimolos beaches! Thanks to its close distance to Milos, Kimolos is a great base for island hopping. In fact, there are daily ferries from Kimolos to Milos and vice versa.source greeka.com