The island of Anafi is a pristine destination with beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Greek Mythology has it that the island emerged from the bottom of the Aegean sea to give shelter to the Argonauts (a band of heroes in Greek mythology.)
Small white church on top of picturesque settlement in the background dark hills at sunset. Upon entering the bay of Agios Nikolaos, an amphitheatrical view of Chora unfolds before your eyes. The picture perfect Chora village is built on the ruins of a Venetian        castle and has whitewashed dome-roofed houses and narrow stone-paved alleys.This is the image that had once inspired the craftsmen who left their home island in the Cyclades for Athens and built the scenic neighbourhood of “Anafiotika” at the base of the Acropolis Rock, back in 1860-1870.

Walk, cycle or go donkey-riding all around the island through the 18 km long trails and see the old farmhouses with the extremely large oven, called oven houses (fournospita in Greek), and the “mnemoria”, the charnel houses.
Explore the ancient town of Anafi on Kasteli hill and visit the remarkable necropolis with the monumental tombs and their sculptures. Keep on until you get to Vrissi and rest under the plane trees and by the streams.
Ανάφη: Το Νησί που Αποπνέει ένα Αίσθημα Ελευθερίας In the east part of the island visit Kalamos rock, which is the second highest monolithic limestone after Gibraltar; a must-see for climbers. Furthermore, the ancient temple of Apollo the Anafian and the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi lie on the foot of the rock. If you are an experienced climber then head to the top of Kalamos where you can see another monastery and some breathtaking views of the sea and the nearby islands.


Ανάφη: Μια φωτεινή σαΐτα στο Αιγαίο (εικόνες) – Φούιτ.grΑνάφη: Η φωτεινή σαΐτα του Απολλώνα που έδειξε το δρόμο στους Αργοναύτες...  | Ελλάδα Ειδήσεις